If the pond wasn't enough of a project, I extended a patio across the front complete with seating areas and we ripped the crappy shed apart and built this
new one.  Within a week I tried to burn it to the ground when I dumped the fireplace ashes in the woods to the right. The fireplace had been out all day but
apparently one ember wanted to live. I was wondering what the siren noises were, but assumed it was Paul's video games. He wasn't home. I looked out
the family room window that night to see 6 foot flames, 20 firemen running around and three big trucks with another seven support vehicles. Whew!
Finally add lots of trim rocks, water, plants and fishies. To say nothing of the filtration system, tweaking, etc. The frog was a freeby. They had an orgy for over a week at one point. Must have
been twenty of them in there. Even after two inches of ice in early December, we still have tadpoles.
Next, you need a huge sheet of rubber and a really cute helper. The rubber was a 30 by 30 sheet and weighed over 250 pounds. Fortunately Chris was up from Florida for
a week of vacation and DC stomping
Next, to make a big hole, you need some big toys. This little puppy dug that entire hole in 4 hours. Chris, Vicki and I spent 4-6 weeks digging the pond in Pennsylvania.
There's a six to seven foot long rock across the front on the far right. It came out of the hole. It took us 45 minutes to drag it out and the backhoe could barely lift it unless the
boom was all the way in against the base. The hole is about 4 feet deep and I'm guessing 5000 gallons.
To build a really big pond, start with the little one. The grotto pond below was intended as an upstream source for the lower pond. I knew there was something pretty under
that dirt, so Paul and I started digging the grassy hillside. All the rocks shown are embedded in the ground and aren't going anywhere. We then put in the liner and has a
small pond with a few fish, iris and water lillies. Then the wall was expanded to the left to gain additional flower beds.
Maryland Pond Project
Before        and        After