We were trying to hit the Washington Cherry tree
season, but Chris showed up a week early. Most
of the buds were still sleeping. We had some nice
color, but far from peak. Oh well, maybe next year.
Surprisingly, Vicki was a trooper all day. She's
been doing 30 minutes a day on the treadmill for
the past year and has more stamina than I do
We drove down to the most northern extreme of
the DC metro system and caught the train into
Union Station which is amazing in its own right.
Then headed down to the capital building which
is on one end of the main tourist area.  Checked
out the arboretum, archives and natural history
The Washington monument is at the far end of
the strip, with the White House to the north and
Jefferson Memorial to the south.
:: Only decent shot of Chris
The DC Trip
:Leave it to Vicki  to find the sapphires
:At least she left the topaz alone
Looks like they changed rocks half
way up