The Puppy (side) yard. The only
spot of flat land with grass on the
whole lot. Note the rock wall
behind the flower bed that we
built of rocks found or dug on the
This is the back hill, Vicki's first big
landscaper's challenge. We cut the bottom
of the slope and added the retaining wall
and the stone staircase. This use to be
just a grassy? slope right up to the deck.
Little hard to walk on unless you're a goat.
Looking the other direction from the back
<<--Speaking of back deck, it's
disappeared and being converted to patio
with walkway.
Another view of the back hill up toward the
rear neighbors house.
The front yard, or shall I say precipice our
virgin forest. The huge rocks at the bottom
were too big to move, let alone haul back
up the hill.