Fergie is stressing out. Not!!
1990-2004 We still miss her
Molly the 'elusive' in a rare
moment of gracing us with
her presence. She's the
smallest of the group.
Chessie (left) and Oliver's
(right) baby pictures.
Audrey's first snowfall
in Pennsylvania.
Oscar, the smaller male
Daisy's favorite position
Lard Butts
The Menagerie
Milo, the kitten months.
Lesley's rescue kitty
Got her fixed in Summer
'06 and she filled out and
got furry
Introducing Chamois (Shammy for you non
French clods). The breeder put her on the
floor at the kennel and she ran straight up
my leg.
The gangly teenage
years (months)
Cat Piles
Audrey in all her
"hairy" glory, then the
flea allergy hit her.
She's all better now.
Then along came the goats. We
first got four kids to clean up the
front hill which was hard to walk on
let alone mow. We eventually
fenced the lower 48 and they
devoured all the weeds, wild roses,
poison ivy, etc.
Two of then died within the year leaving Blackjack and Oreo.Oreo died during a three foot snowfall that
confined them to the barn with frozen water and no exercise. We then got Oregami (Gami, the white Boer)
and Mini from my bosses wife as her unwanted runts.
cuty. I could play with him. Mini's two won't have anything to do with us but eat. we
had to take over the empty woods beside us then the three acres behind us to
keep ahead of the grass to poo converters. The family behind us were getting
tired of mowing for four hours anyway and their 5 year old daughter enjoys them.